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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Herbal Medicines

I was first introduced to herbal medicines in 1973 on a trip to Detroit, Michigan to visit my brother. My sister-in-law took my mother and I to an herb shop as part of the site seeing. It's been a on-going love affair with herbal medicines ever since. I remember lovng the smell of the shop and all of bins of loose granuales and flakes. It was totally new to me. Up until then as everyone in my family was always prety healthy, the only real foray I had into medications was St. Joseph's Children's aspirin. Sometimes we took a spooonful of vaseline or cod liver oil, but that was pretty much the extent of it. So the idea of healing and healing with plants and herbs was incredible to me. It was like the show Marcus Garvey or something but using only natural healing.

We brought home the basics like Slippery Elm; very useful for inflammation, Goldenseal; a great antibiotic, and Catnip; great for quieting the nerves. We also brought home the book Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss and served as unofficial consultants to friends and neighbors on various vitamins and herbs. As an adult I studied Coounseling Psychology and became very interested in treating not just physical, but mental illness, with herbs.

Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals can be useful in the reatment of mental health conditions. For instance, for Depression Nature's Sunshine offers Mood Elevator, which is compsed of Perilla leaves, Saussurea root, Aurantium peel, Baboo sap, Bupleuru;m root, Cyperus rhionm, etc... Also, recommended is Flax Seed Oil, Multi Vitamin/Mineral; B-Complex (which is generally good for all nervous conditionsI and Calcium/Magnesuim. Nothing here addictive or over stimulating. Everything mentioned above is available online at

Actually Mood Elevator and the aforementioned drugs can be useful for Bi-Polar (Manic Depression), Schizophrenia, ADD, ADHD, etc... Remember all Nature's Sunshine Products are satifaction guaranteed, do not require a prescription and are non habit forming.

Nature's Sunshine has furthered the acceptance of Herbal Medicines by adding technology. On my Nature's Sunshine website you can take a Health Analysis which will determine what herbs, vitamins and minerals will best assist you in maximizing your health. Also complete descriptions of the herbs and other nutritionals are accessible 24/7. Everything is Guaranteed. Satisfaction Guaranteed and everything is reasonably priced. Visit and see for yourself. As always, here's to your health: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

In Praise of Lecithin

When I had my second child sixteen years ago, I watched a television program called The Frugal Gourmet. It was on that prograam that I was first introduced to Lecithin. The host took a bottle of granulated Lecithin and poured some of it into whatever he was creating. I can't remember what it was at this point. He explained that he poured it in dishes in which he was using a lot of butter in that it was useful in nullyfying the negative effects of the grease. I immediately looked into Lechitin and how it might be helpful to my family and myself. I found that Lecithin is a fat-like substance called a phospholipid that is indeed helpful when consuming fatty foods. However, I am not presenting that fact as an excuse to overindulge.

Here are some of the benefits of Lecithin:

*Soothing for both the Nervous and Circulatory Systems;

*A phospholipid (fat-like sutbstance) and fat emulsifier that is produced by the liver, in adequate diets;

*Necessary for every cell in the body. It is a key building block of cell membranes;

*Protects cells from oxidation and comprises a large portion of the protective sheaths surrounding the nerves in the brain; and last but not least

*It actually has a buttery or nutty taste in the granulated or softgel forms and either can be poured into soups and stews. (This is not an exhaustive list but is intended just to stimulate an interest and appreciation).

I hope this article has raised enough curiosity so that you will give Lecithin a try. I honestly swear by it and personally, I like the taste. Nature's Sunshine sells Lecithin in the softgel form. It is derived from Soybeans and hermetically sealed. Your satisfaction is also guaranteed. You can access Nature's Sunshine at While you're there, take the Health Analyzer. This allows you to personalize your vitamin and herbal program to your particular needs. And I repeat, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Well, so long for now, but here's to your health: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wicker Park

I admit it. I love the movie Wicker Park. I know it is totally unrealistic that people could lose each other in this age of email, cell phones and generally computerized communication and tracking, but still it is so romantic to see people who are so affected by each other; People who actually feel that I guess I kind of overlook some of the impossibilities of the movie. I love the line that one of the characters says after being caught stalking, lying and engaging in various other sundry activies, "Love makes you do crazy things." Well some people are crazy all ready, but still it is a nice thought. In any case, I am very romantic.

If I held you gently
balancing you birdlike on
an erect index finger
walking gingerly
so as not to disturb
your equilibrium,
would you stay?

If I held you with strength
binding you with chains:
economic and emotional,
if I wouldn't let you go
but I faltered and my chains broke,
would you stay?

If I held you sensitively,
acknowledging your strength
the vital strength of...
of weeds pushing up through concrete,
would you stay?

Let me know
why you would stay.
I wish so much to hold you.

I wrote this in 2002 and my opinion has not changed. To me one of the ultimate goals of humankind is to love and then to be concerned over maintaining that love. And I'm not talking about stalking because I believe true love is always reciprical. However, I also believe that if a person is not important to you, then it's not really love and you're wasting your own and someone else's time.

My book, I wish So Much to Hold You, is available at As always, check out Here's to your health: mental, physical and romantic.

Friday, September 29, 2006

In Praise of St. John's Wort
Sometimes you measure the type of day you've had or expect to have by the amount of St. John's Wort you consume. Okay maybe I'm the only one who sometimes thinks Oh today is a one St. John's Wort day or today is meeting day that's three St. John's Worts. In any case, speaking as a mental health counselor and as a herbalist and just as a person attempting to survive stressful times I can say I know St. John's Wort works. It can make dealing with stressful situations and people less so.
I first started taking St. John's Wort approximately eight years ago while in the midst of an extremely stress inducing divorce. I am somewhat social phobic so having to testify in front of a judge and a roomful of assorted strangers was enough to really make me contemplate hiding under my bed for the next decade. However, that option was not available. Having to verbally defend myself against someone who a few years before had promised lifelong love and devotion was again extremely stress inducing. I remember saying then that court had been a three St. John's Wort day. The first day I had ever consumed that many 300 mg pills.
What has this to do with psychopaths, you ask? Well, not to get too religious, but in Revelations God promised a tree or plant to cure all his peoples's ills. I am not quoting directly and cannot give you the exact scripture, but I know it's there. In any case, God knows that these times are hard to deal with, 1 Tim 1 - 5, and has provided some relief. I know that if it can help a divorcing, black, non-rich, non-thin, soon to be single parent, it can probably assist anyone.
Nature's Sunshine offers standardized St. John's Wort 300mg with Passion Flower, an herb known to nurture the nervous system. It also comes in a atime released form. Also, please consider obtaining a lifestyle analysis at It can assist you in finding exactly what herbs and vitamins can assist you in surviving our very stress filled times.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stress Related Obesity

A lot has been written recently about how obese the average American is becoming. The major issue I have with this fact is that food and lack of exercise are being given as the only culprits generally. However, there is more to it than that. Stress, and stress-inducing people, can contribute to obesity.

What happens briefly and in a nutshell is as your body cannot discern between physical and mental danger, when you feel stressed your body rushes quick energy sources, fats and sugars, to your bloodstream to aid you in combating whatever danger with which you are presented. However, if the danger is not physical but is instead presenting in the form of bills, an abusive spouse, lack of support, delinquent children etc... your body does not exend the calories physically and stores those excess fats and sugars usually in your stomach and/or buttocks or thighs.

So you exercise. But now you need to exercise more because you are working against the calories you consumed plus those acquired through worry. Then you are also now presented with the stress of not fitting in as neatly with the societal concept of beauty which is also stressful. It's all circular. If you stress about your weight, it will assist you in weighing more. I personally believe we should be a source of joy to each other or at least not sources of pain. When you see someone who is obese, before you condemn, consider also the emotional weight that person is carrying and give mercy as you would receive it.

Take the time to complete the Lifestyle Analyzer at www.mynsp.con/theherbcounselor in order to evaluate the physical damage being done to you by daily contact with constience challenged people. Sometimes the damage shows up through a few extra pounds. First, recognize that every human is not humane and there is nothing wrong with avoiding difficult people. Second, recognize that given the correct tools, your body can heal itself. Please, go to the website and let the healing begin.

Friday, September 15, 2006

My thirteen year old daughter says "eat lots and lots of vegetables," to be healthy. Of course, she herself does not do this willingly. It is however very good advice. But there is more to your health than what you eat. I know that is surprising, but the people around you can influence your health. Let's talk about psychopaths, baby. (A vague reference to Salt and Pepper's Let's Talk about Sex, Baby).
Most people, when you say pyschopath, think of a raving maniac chasing someone with a butcher knife while laughing hysterically. That is one picture. However, it is estimated that only about three percent of the psychopathic poputlation actually resorts to murder. But still they are dangerous.
This is the definition as recorded in Wikipedia. 1. Superficial charm and average intelligence. 2. Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking. 3. Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations. 4. Unreliability. 5. Untruthfulness and insincerity. 6. Lack of remorse or shame. 7. Antisocial behavior with apparent compunction. 8. Poor judgement and failure to learn from experience. 9. Pathological egocentricity and incapacity to love. 10. Generall poverty in major affective reactions. 11. Specific loss of insight. 12. Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations. 13. Fantastic and uninviting behavior with drink, and sometimnes without. 14. Suicide threats rarely carried out. 15. Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated and 16. Failure to follow any life plan.
Psychopaths are conscienceless people. This is a very simple definition, but think of all this entails. They can steal your boyfriend, car, job, house, etc... all while smiling at you fondly and reconfirming how happy they are to have you in their life. And they are. They happily feed off of your energy and/or goods until either you leave or die. You probably have some in your life. Maybe your mother or father were critical and impossible to please. Maybe one or all of your siblings conspired against you. Maybe your husband or wife. This is one very good explanation for abusive relationships. The point is they are incurable and untreatable and they can literally make you sick. Protect your health with herbal and nutritional supplements. Take the lifestyle analysis at to determine what physical damage your body may have developed from prolonged exposusre to stress resulting from interacting with evil people. And the best thing you can do with a psychopath is run. Run. Run!